What is Sealcoat? And how does Pro-Spec fit in?

Sealcoat is a protective coating put down over asphalt surfaces that help to protect it from a list of environmental factors: rain, snow, ice, UV radiation, plows, deicing chemicals, sand, and traffic. Usually, there are several of those factors acting on it at one time.

For example when snow falls onto asphalt, first, it's plowed, then covered with chemicals, and/or sand. Next, it is driven on, spun out on, hard turned on, skidded on, and leaked on. Meanwhile, huge piles of snow are melting and that water is trying to penetrate the surface over days, weeks, even months, leaving standing water to turn to ice overnight and melt again in the day, over and over again. It's not something a lot of people spend time thinking about, but a few select experts do.

In order to help protect and beautify such a huge investment like asphalt from such a laundry list of environmental factors, it's important to understand the environment the asphalt lives in. There are huge differences in the environment throughout the world Such as differing amounts of cold/heat, and freeze/thaw, differing types, and amounts of chemicals used to deice, differing amounts of rain, and differing vegetative growth, wind, automobiles, and drivers.

Pro-Spec Sealcoat with Micro-Lock technology originated in Bozeman, Montana. Bozeman is located less than 100 miles north of Yellowstone National Park. Bozeman does have some unique environmental conditions. While the annual rainfall for that area is just north of 16 inches, annual snowfall is 50 inches, and with that much moisture and freeze-thaw cycles that rival anywhere in the nation, driveways, parking lots and roads take a beating. Combine that with whatever else 50 inches of snow brings with it, plows, chemicals, and sand.

Dunes of sand. In the springtime in all Montana cities, from Kalispell to Billings, armys of men equipped with back-pack blowers and are employed to blow the sand from sidewalks and parking lots. Some of our customers use the skid steer broom to make piles of sand, then have to throw the bucket on the skid steer to scoop the sand away. There really is THAT MUCH SAND! and with that much sand every tire spin out, every tire turn, every tire skid compounds the damage to the asphalt surface.

Plows not only intentionally and needfully scrape the asphalt surface, but many of them have tire chains on, and heavy loads to help give the plow trucks more traction. In addition to that the plows move the snow into piles that can last for months, into May, and even June sometimes, exposing some areas of the asphalt to a seriously prolonged soaking. You can see for yourself sometime, just watch where your favorite shopping center piles snow, then in the summer compare it to the rest of the parking lot. I'll bet you'd notice a difference.

The vehicles driven on the surface makes a big difference too. Many vehicles throughout the intermountain northwest use tire chains or studded snow tires that add to the list of asphalt torture tools.

Basically, if you're going to make sealcoat for an environment like that, it had better be tough.

Pro-Spec Sealcoat with Micro-Lock Technology was made for this environment and is exactly what this environment needs to help protect asphaltic surfaces.

Defining the area Pro-Spec Sealcoat works best in is easy when you understand what it's made for. Pro-Spec Sealcoat is the best product you can buy to protect your asphalt in environmental conditions throughout the Intermountain Northwest. From Kalispell to Provo and from Pendelton to Rapid City. Pro-Spec Sealcoat is the most trusted brand throughout the Intermountain Northwest.