Spring road trip through Montana

My sales route goes through Montana a half a dozen times a year and I love every trip. To see so much wide open country through the seasons is a treat, having been born and raised in Montana brings back a lot of memories. My job is fun too, my primary duty is to secure Pro-Spec sealcoat partners for another season of asphalt maintenance. I also bring a trailer loaded with Pro-Spec sealcoat supplies like Billygoat Blowers, Little Wonder crack cleaners, walk behind melters, plate compactors, cones, candles, squeegees, brooms, shovels, lutes, and so much more, so our partners can look through and asses whatever they might need.

My first stop on Monday (3/25/19) was in Belgrade, where I had another conversation with a new sealcoat crew who found out about our product too late to make the switch this year, but we are looking to bring them into the fold in 2020.

Tuesday (3/26/19) morning I drove to Billings to meet with Bickham Sealcoating, what a kick. I'm a people person, so I like just about everybody but Jessica from Bickham Sealcoating also works in radio. I did a morning radio show for 8 years (a long time ago) the radio station is actually where I met the boss and owner of Road Work Ahead Robert Thatcher, anyway, it was nice to chat about radio and sealcoat. I'll be making a return trip the second week of April just to meet with them.

I drove back to Belgrade from Billings to have dinner, and chat with Tony Baker of Seal-Pro and Ryan Douma of High Tech Coatings, they've been customers of ours for many years and are really great guys. They were both happy to find out that we've renamed our sealcoat brand to "Pro-Spec Sealcoat" and that our parent company, Road Work Ahead Construction Supply is now an official Seal-Rite dealer!

Wednesday (3/27/19) morning I drove to Helena, my old hometown, to meet with Cap Paving. Travis and Tony Schniederhan have been in the Helena area for a long time, and I love shooting the bull about hunting spots, Montana winters, spring floods, and a little drone talk, I even had time and a break in the weather to show off my new racing drone. I hope their wives don't hate me if they get into the drone hobby.

Wednesday evening I drove to Great Falls Montana for a thursday morning meet with my favorite sealcoaters that don't use Pro-Spec Sealcoat. Arlys and Jerry are an older couple I've met with several times, they always answer their phone, they usually agree to meet somewhere, have a cup of coffee, and look through my supply trailer. Arlys and Jerry have been sealcoating in Great Falls since the '70s, they really know their stuff and don't sugar coat anything, but I always pick up a little bit of wisdom from them every time we visit.

(3/28/19) The rest of Thursday was spent driving the high line from Great Falls to Kalispell, through Glacier National Park. It was snowing most of the time, but once in a while the clouds would break and show the jagged snow filled mountains, so that made it worth it.

In Kalispell I met with Jared, the Asphalt Doctor, and this guy really knows his stuff, he's had an infrared asphalt patch heater since 2005. Jared is new to Pro-Spec Sealcoat this year but he won't be disappointed and neither will his customers who have relied on the Asphalt Doctor for many years.

(3/29/19) Friday morning, I headed to Missoula for Lunch with Mike O'Connor and David Blair of Pro-Sweep Plus. everybody in Montana had a brutal February, and with Pro-Sweep Plus doing big time snow removal, both Mike and David said that there were only 2 days in February they didn't work. It felt like they were still catching their breath. But I could tell they were ready for summer, even if it means no more days off for a while.

I drove back to Twin Falls, the home office of Road Work Ahead and Pro-Spec Sealcoat, having spent 35 hours behind the wheel, and a grand total of 1785 miles!

stay tuned for more fun road trips throughout the west!